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Church Politics – Part 1 – The Boldness of a Pastor

Steve Brown February 13 2009

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5 Responses to “Church Politics – Part 1 – The Boldness of a Pastor”

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  2. Hi, Steve,

    I was just sent a link to your blog last week and I’m glad I’ve gotten signed up! I’m looking forward to learning under your virtual tutelage. I really enjoyed the old “Hashing it Out” television series you did with Tony Campolo some years ago and I found myself agreeing with you on those issues more often than not. :) Do you know if those programs are available on video anywhere? Our church is sailing through some choppy waters, right now, and we are probably going to be in need of some of your wisdom on church politics to help us navigate! God bless you for your faithful service to Him!

  3. Pastor Clint Stockton says:

    Hi Steve,

    I pray you leave these video’s up. They are timeless, and all of us in ministry need to be reminded that as broken servants we can not just bulldoze our way.

    Your wisdom tempers us all. In the end the benefit will be that we will be sharper, and stronger. I am so glad that I have been watching this series, and yes, it kept me from throwing a tantrum demanding my way for it is right. I still think my way is right, but it is not their time to know it yet. I will wait on the LORD to convince them.

    Loving the flock, with a reminder that sometimes sheep will bite.
    Peace be with you all.
    Shepherd to Shepherds.

  4. Steve Witt says:

    Wow. This series is worth its weight in gold (and have you checked the current market value of gold lately?). I second that motion: keep these up for awhile, and if you have to take them down for site space, let us know beforehand so we can download them… or make them available on DVD.

    I’m still working through them once, and will go back through again and take some (serious) notes!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  5. Tom Fleming says:

    This is really good stuff, and so helful! Thanks for doing this!

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